Create a discount

To create, manage, or delete discounts, click Discounts in your Corksy navigation menu. Corksy offers unlimited customization of promotional items which means you can easily activate or automate specials, set usage requirements, active dates, and discount type (% off, $ off, #). In this article we will review how to properly create a discount code. 

Create a discount 

Upon adding your first discount, the discount created will be added to the Discount page displaying the discount code, active date range, status, and call to actions.


  1. Go to Discounts in your Corksy navigation menu. 
  2. From the Discounts page, click + Add New Discount Code 
  3. Enter the desired Discount code name. For example, WINE10
  4. Select the discount type you would like to offer.
    • Percentage
    • Fixed amount
    • Free Shipping (coming soon!)
  5. Set the desired discount value. For example: 20% off or $15 off.
  6. Configure minimum requirements in order for the customer to use the discount code at checkout: 
    • None
    • Minimum purchase amount ($)
    • Minimum quantity of items
  7. Set usage limits
    • Limit number of times the discount code can be used in total
      • For example, First 100 customers are able to use the discount code
    • Limit to one use per customer
  8. Set Active dates. Input the Start and End dates in which the discount code will remain active. 
  9. Click save. 

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